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The Columbus Zoo to Publish Books

Media Alert: Tuesday, March 23, 2010


March 23, 2010

Jennifer Wilson
Communications Manager
POWELL, Ohio – The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium is announcing its launch into the book publishing business with its first book Frenemies for Life. 
            Frenemies for Life, by John Becker, Ph.D isthe Zoo’s first book to be released and focuses on the conservation story behind the Zoo’s cheetahs and Anatolian Shepherd Dogs. In late 2008, the Zoo welcomed two male cheetah cubs (Ro and Reh) into its Promotions Department. A few months later, two female Anatolian Shepherd Dog puppies (Ruth and Reese), joined the cheetah brothers. Since that time, the four animals have been raised side by side and have become the best of friends. However, this extraordinary animal friendship symbolizes a conservation story in the wild – one in which the dogs save wild cheetahs by being their worst enemy. Frenemies for Life explores these parallel stories – delving into how the best of friends here at the Zoo would be bitter enemies in the wild.
            Geared toward children ages 10 and above, Frenemies for Life is available for purchase now at the Columbus Zoo and will be available nationwide starting August 2010.
            After researching what it would entail to contract out one book for publishing, the Zoo discovered that it could just easily – and cost-effectively – create its own publishing company. This idea was enthusiastically embraced by former Executive Director Jeff Swanagan and the Zoo staff. Book publishing gives the Zoo the opportunity to tell all of the amazing stories that occur at the Zoo every day and having its own publishing company will also allow the Zoo to take its messages and stories to a wider audience – both locally and nationally.
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